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Take action before {tomorrowsdate} and you could watch the…

Secret “$50 Stock Blueprint

Turn a Single $50 Bill Into a Massive Fortune

“Now is the right time to Bet Big on These Stocks
[as] the current market is poised to be gigantic.” —CNBC

Today, I’m going to show you how to use America’s budding stock market to potentially amass a quick fortune…

Starting with just two simple things:

  • #1: A little $50 bill.
  • #2: The fact that America – one of the largest nations in the world – is primed for a stock market explosion.

And all you have to do is copy this “secret $50 stock blueprint” and you could retire incredibly wealthy in less than a year.

Sound impossible? It’s not!

To make it work…

  • You do NOT need to know anything about Stocks (in fact, the less you know, the better… since you won’t be biased)…
  • You do NOT need to know anything about investing…
  • You do NOT need a lot of money (only $50 to start)…
  • And you do NOT need a lot of free time.

But, you DO need to know how to get rich (including which stocks to buy, when to buy them, and how much to pay for them)…

This is where I can help.

But if you’d rather watch your dreams about becoming a millionaire dissolve before your eyes like a puff of smoke…

Then stop reading right now.

Still with me? Great!

Let me explain how easy it is…

What you’re about to see is a little-known stock market investing secret.

Don’t worry if you’ve never bought a stock before. It’s as easy as checking your email (or making a quick phone call). Anyone can do it…

But here’s the catch…

This will only work if you’re willing to stake a claim in the world’s fastest growing industries…

And it will only work if you take action BEFORE [tomorowdate]

…while the hottest stocks still trade for a fraction of their actual value and potentially only “pennies” a share.

Once the [tomorrowsdate] date passes, today’s penny stocks could easily turn into big, expensive stocks like Wal-Mart or Coca-Cola…

Then it will be too late to make any money.

See, the “Secret $50 Stock Blueprint” doesn’t work with big stocks.

It only works when these micro stocks trade for “pennies.”

I’ll explain why shortly, but first, I’d like to share a very unusual story with you because it’s a perfect example of how life can go and surprise you.

This is a story about an average guy who discovered a unique way to make $10,000 a month trading stocks.

An average guy that knew all about the stock market but was still stuck gambling away his hard-earned money trade after trade…

…until he discovered a ‘stock market Trump card’ and almost overnight became a consistent winner!

That average guy is me, Tim Harrison and now the co founder and chief technology officer for Daytrader.com.

(One of the largest fully independent market research organizations in the world today).

What I do is simple…

I’ll explain just how the“secret $50 stock blueprint” works in a moment, but first you need to understand what made it possible for me to find it.

I was born in Tacoma, Washington on January 9th, 1979.

I grew up with a poor but comfortable upbringing. Nothing special or out of the ordinary.

Probably the only thing really unique about me was that I was born with a mild form of Asperger’s Syndrome.

While some people might have seen that as a disadvantage, I didn’t…because it gave me an intense passion for numbers and patterns.

I had the ability to ‘see’ relationships between things that most others missed.

That passion for numbers and patterns wasn’t anything more than a general interest for me at first.

But that all changed when I turned 15. You see, that’s when my passion evolved into a specific fascination with the ultimate example of numbers and patterns: The stock market.

For me, it was like a wonderful game that my condition made me really good at.

That’s when I started hunting down any library book I could find on the stock market.

New books, old books, and especially the little known gems you’re lucky enough to stumble on from time to time.

I kept at that year after year. At least it kept me out of trouble.

The more I learned, the more I wanted to know.

It wasn’t until a few years after I graduated that I even bought my first actual stocks and started putting my book knowledge to the test.

To be honest, I expected to do a LOT better than I did.

But shortly after I turned 32, everything changed for me again. That’s when I stumbled on that ‘stock market hack’ I mentioned earlier.

Call it a loophole or an anomaly or whatever you want, but when I first wrapped my head around it, I knew this was different from anything and everything I’d read about before.

I was actually working as a janitor at the time and still living in Tacoma. I didn’t have much of a place or much of a life, but at least I was keeping my head above water. Barely.

You see, even though I’d learned all this theoretical knowledge about the stock market, I’d never been able to translate it into easy profits.

Far from it, actually.

I remember the day very clearly. It was an unusually cold October morning. The year was 2012.

I stood back that day and took a good hard honest look at my investing strategy.

You see, I’d just finished calculating what I hoped to be my net gains, only to realize I was actually down almost $30,000 when everything was accounted for.

I was shocked. And humiliated. And afraid.

But thankfully I also admitted to myself that what I was doing wasn’t working. And that I had to stop.

Fortunately, as soon as I admitted that, I realized my investing could hardly be called a strategy.

I’d invest in anything that caught my interest.

If a small bio-tech company was claiming they were about to cure cancer…I was in.

If an Internet company was about to start generating revenues…why the heck not? I was in.

But now I realized I wasn’t investing at all. I was gambling. Nothing less.

Actually, the only consistent thing about my investments was a single shared trait: they were all on the brink of something big.

I’d been searching for the next Microsoft or Google – a stock that would catapult me into being a millionaire overnight.

And that was the root of all my market losses…

…I was hoping to hit the ball out of the park with every investment – but instead I was failing miserably.

So I vowed right then and there to create a new investing strategy. My new strategy would be fundamentally different from my old one.

Instead of searching for jackpot stocks that would make me rich, I’d focus on making small and consistent gains.

It reminds me of something I read recently about how even Warren Buffet’s mentor learned from experience that “…it was better to be safe and careful rather than to try to make all the money in the world.”

And that’s exactly what I decided to do.

I stopped trading based on emotion.

I intentionally ignored the ‘exciting gamble’ of the endless line of speculative bio-tech companies and tech startups and ‘potential 10-baggers’.

And in time, I came to see all my old trades as nothing more than investments plagued with risk.

Instead of hoping a stock would rocket me to the moon because of dumb luck, I was now going to target stocks that were NOT supposedly ‘poised’ to shoot up in price 10x or 20x or more.

I wanted a reliable strategy I could use like an ATM machine. My plan was to make small, consistent ‘withdrawals’ from the market.

I asked myself two of the most important questions ever that day:

1. Do I want to make $200,000 lucking out on the next big thing? (And rotting my gut with worry along the way.)

2. Or do I want to make $220,000 a year using a reasonable, consistent, evergreen investing strategy.

The answer was clear.

I was finally ready to upgrade from my exciting but dangerous roller-coaster trading experience.

I was ready to start appreciating a smooth and predictable ride instead.

And that’s when my search for that winning strategy began.

I found myself back on the hunt for information: books, courses, newsletters…I got and absorbed them all.

And that’s how I found the market loophole that changed my life.

You see, I didn’t figure out this ‘market hack’ by piecing together a collection of information from various sources.

No, I literally read about it. Plain and simple. In black and white…just like you will too in a minute.

I was ploughing through what was about my 200th book since I’d started this new search.

Then I turned the page and found it: the market hack.

No surprise, really. The book was written by a man who’s worth $100 million dollars!

The more I read, the more I realized this guy had made ALL of his money, every single red-cent, by exploiting the stock market loophole his book talked about.

Best of all, the book wasn’t a load of complex theoretical fluff and filler written by some infomercial ‘guru’. It was the real deal. And the man’s results were nothing less than astounding.

Now, I’m not going to reveal the name of the book.

Partly because it’s out of print, and even second-hand battered old copies will set you back more than $2,000.00. (That’s if you could even find a copy!)

At two grand for a single book, it’s no wonder the NY Times said this about it:

But even if it was just pure luck that I discovered the ‘market hack’ that day, luck had nothing to do with me putting it into action and going from seriously in-the-red to seriously in-the-black in only 1 year…

…and then going on to exploit that same loophole to the tune of over $1,000,000 over the next 4 years alone.

Let me put that into perspective for you. Those 4 years were from late 2012 to late 2016.

But how would I have done without my newfound strategy during that same time?

<<<make into image

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average: gained 58.6%
  • S&P 500: gained 80.4%
  • NASDAQ Composite: gained 109.1%

<<<<make into image

That means if you’d invested $10,000 in even the best of those options back when I started putting the loophole into action, then 4 years later you’d have been up to a respectable $20,910 dollars.

But you tell me, which would you rather have? $1,000,000 after 4 years or a gain of only $10,910 dollars?

That’s how I came to fully understand the power of this trading anomaly…with real-world experience.

And that’s why it was possible for me to recently take everything I’d learned about this new investment strategy and publish it as an easy to follow guide: “secret $50 stock blueprint”

[insert hero shot of book]

Now, before I tell you why the “secret $50 stock blueprint” just might be the last report you ever need to read about trading…

…let me first tell you a dirty little secret that authors use when writing books about making money on the stock market.

I’ve seen it time and again. They cobble together a whole slew of strategies into a single book that’s 200 or 300 pages long.

Why? Because they know full well that you, the trusting person reading about all these supposedly great tips and tricks and strategies will think this: “With all those strategies, I’ll have less chances of failing.”

But the dirty little secret they won’t tell you is this: The average person won’t have the know-how or the time or the money required to even try to put those strategies into action.

They know you’ll get their book, read it (if you can even get through all the pages), feel overwhelmed, and then decide that YOU were the reason it never worked.

YOU weren’t smart enough. Or YOU weren’t disciplined enough. Or YOU didn’t take all the complex steps in exactly the right way.

In other words, those authors are trying to make themselves look super smart while making you feel super worthless…

…and that way you won’t ever clue in to the fact that the content of their book is probably just a bunch of common (or worse, useless) ideas you could have learned anywhere online.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because that’s the exact opposite of my book, $50 Stock Blueprint .

My book is unlike any other book on investing you’ll find out there for 2 very important reasons.

First of all, it contains only 1 idea.

Why only 1 idea?

Because I know you don’t want to spend all your time and energy and money on trying to put a mixed bag of strategies into play…only to end up unfocused and stressed out.

Besides, if you have 1 idea that works reliably and consistently, then you have to ask yourself why you need to be scrambling around hoping to make 8 or 10 totally different ideas work.

The second reason $50 Stock Blueprint  is the opposite of the dirty-little-secret books out there is that what’s in my book is easy to understand.

And even more important, easy to put into action.

In fact, my goal was to make this “secret $50 stock blueprint” so easy to learn and implement, that even a kid in grade 6 could pull it off…as long as they had a bit of capital to start with.

Why did I make that my goal? Because when I first read about this market loophole in that book I mentioned, it was NOT easy to understand at all.

So when I decided to write the “secret $50 stock blueprint”, I knew the only way it could transform the greatest number of people’s lives was if:

  • I picked out the most important points and left out all the theory and details that, truthfully, you don’t need to know in order to draw as much as $10,000 a month from the market.
  • I replaced all the complicated formulas and charts with simple wording that plainly explains the simple nuts and bolts of the process.
  • I boiled the wealth of information down so you can read my book within about 2 hours and start making profitable trades the very same day.

And that’s why I know you’ll find the 65 pages of “secret $50 stock blueprint” are filled with what are arguably the most important – and most profitable – information you’ll ever come across in your life.

I realize that’s a bold claim…but you’ll see in a moment how I guarantee it 100%.

Now, when I first decided to write the “secret $50 stock blueprint”, I wasn’t going to reveal even the slightest detail about how this loophole worked…and for good reason: this information has proved so valuable to me, I only wanted to share it with people I knew were truly serious about putting it to use.

(You know the old saying about not casting your pearls before swine!)

But several of the wealthiest people I know advised me that, as a sign of good faith, I needed to be upfront and explain how this works.

So this is where it gets really interesting because I’m now going to plainly tell you just how this powerful ‘market hack’ works…

Every 3 to 4 weeks – no matter what else is going on in the market or the economy or any commodity super cycle or whatever – there’s a certain pattern that occurs in the US stock market. And since Trump won the election this pattern has become ever more clear.

This pattern ONLY shows up for stocks listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ (don’t waste your time looking for it in any other markets…because I already have, and it’s not there).

Why does this pattern have the potential to make you more money than anything else over the course of your life?

Because when you understand this single pattern, you can buy shares in little-known companies at a fraction of their true value.

But that’s just the beginning…

…because almost religiously, after you’ve bought your shares, this pattern will reverse.

You’ll see your stock climb higher and higher, allowing you to leisurely watch as your money doubles and triples in a matter of weeks.

And that will bring you to the only difficult part of this entire market secret: deciding when to sell and collect your handsome profit.

For example, just 4 weeks ago, I used this strategy to make over $20,000…in a single trade.

Here’s how I used the exact ‘market hack’ strategy you’ll learn in the “secret $50 stock blueprint” to pad my already-well-padded pockets:

  • I identified a ‘loophole stock’ at $11 per share
  • I figured that stock was really worth about $16
  • Although most traders would have gotten in at that point, because of what I’d learned from the strategy, I knew better…that’s the important bit, so I’ll repeat it: whatever you do, do NOT buy into the stock right away!
  • I kept watching…and predictably enough, the stock plummeted, from $11 to $9…from $9 to $7…from $7 to $4
  • I took a position at $4 with confidence, thanks to being guided by a proven strategy
  • To be honest, the stock dipped further to $3.50 almost immediately…but that didn’t bother me. Why?
  • Because as I’ve seen and enjoyed time and time again, almost immediately the stock reversed course and shot up

Long story short, within 3 weeks my stock was back to where I first identified it at $11…and then it broke through resistance to $14.

That’s when I casually sold my entire $4 position.

All told, it probably took me no more than 6 hours of work and I walked away with over $20,000 after my meagre trading costs were taken off the top.

Or to put it another way, it took me less time to make that $20,000 dollars than it would have if I’d driven to my local bank every day for a month and withdrawn $650 from the ATM.

And remember how I said earlier that the global stock markets lost $3.17 trillion in just the first 8 days of 2017 alone? Well, I defied those first-week losses by closing out my $20K ‘market hack’ position on Wednesday, July 6th, 2017.

When everyone else was losing out in droves, this strategy was proving itself golden yet again.

Now, don’t go thinking you’ll be pulling money out of the market like that multiple times a week, because this pattern doesn’t happen every day.

If it did, instead of just spending several weeks a year on a beach in Costa Rica, I’d probably own that beach. (Not that I’m complaining.)

Like I said earlier, the pattern happens only about once a month.

I want to make that clear. The pattern ONLY shows up about every 3 to 4 weeks.

You also need to understand you’ll need to spend at least an hour a week searching for these loophole opportunities.

But don’t worry, the searching part isn’t hard. Once you’ve read Chapter 8 of my report, you’ll easily understand how to find these gems. It’s so simple, you can do it on your laptop while watching TV.

Anyway, I’m not just writing all this to tell you how much money this ‘market hack’ is making me and a close group of friends and mentors I’ve shared it with.

I’m writing all this for 2 reasons.

The first reason is that, as stupid as it might sound, I’ve actually become kind of bored with how easy it is to make money using this system.

I just don’t feel the same adrenaline rush anymore that I did at first…

…except, that is, when I tell somebody else about this loophole. When I see ordinary people putting it into action and feeling the extraordinary thrill of their first wins…well, that’s a feeling that’s priceless…for both of us.

Especially since so many people out there wake up to face each day without a hope or prayer of breaking out of the no-win situation this faltering economy is holding over them.

So that’s the first reason I’m telling you about everything you’d need to know to copy my success.

And what’s the second reason I’m comfortable letting this valuable cat out of the bag?

Well, I’m not fooling myself. I know “secret $50 stock blueprint” isn’t going to become some New York Times million-copy bestseller…

…but that’s just fine with me. Why?

Because it still means I get to have a positive life-transforming influence on you and others…but without this loophole becoming so well known that it gets overused to the point that it becomes ineffective. (Heaven forbid!)

Like I already said,“secret $50 stock blueprint” fully explains how the loophole works, and I deliberately wrote it in such simple terms that I believe a 12-year-old child could follow along.

This is your chance to get in on the action.

And by utilizing the “secret $50 stock blueprint”, you could become incredibly wealthy in less than two years’ time.

Think about what you could do with nearly $2.7 million 

You could look after your family and friends, pay off your mortgage and put your kids through college.

Or perhaps you’re looking to do something a bit more extravagant…

Like drink Dom Perignon, eat caviar, drive exotic cars and mingle with high society on million-dollar yachts.

The point is we are about to witness the birth of a brand-new industry in this country.

An industry that has already proven to be incredibly successful and incredibly lucrative.

But remember, you need to take action before [tomorrowdate]… while these stocks still trade for pennies.

How To Get in RIGHT NOW?

Remember this — to make the most money possible, it’s crucial to invest… before the first of these tiny little  stocks begin announcing first-quarter earnings.

Already, in just the past few months, more than 20 stocks have seen their share prices surge by up to 200%, 500% or even 5000%.

Stocks like:

<<<make image below

  • LXRP jumped 1,120%
  • EAPH jumped 4,631%
  • ERBB jumped 3,327%
  • CBGI jumped 5,100%

>>>>>>make image above

So let me put that into perspective for you…

Just a single $1 bill invested in CBGI before its move…

Turned into $51.

Not bad, right?

But a $5 bill would have turned into $255…

A $50 bill into $2,550…

And $500 would have turned into more than $25,000.

That’s just with one correct stock play!

A single move would have made you rich.

Again, these rare lightning-fast gains were incredible.

Can I promise that you’re going to book these whopping gains in as little time? Of course not, no-one can promise anything in the investment world.

But the point remains:

Over the course of 12 months These stocks are the best ways to make consistent gains in the stock market…

And many, many more…

But make no mistake, this is just the beginning.

Every stock I’ve just mentioned still trades for under $1.

If you take action right now, you can easily turn a tiny grubstake of $50 into an absolute windfall fortune.

Remember, it’s happened before.

Why not have it happen to you?

Now here’s the thing…

When it comes to growing wealth in the markets, specific stock selection is KEY!

But Dont worry…

I’ve created a list of the top stocks you need to own right now and will send out at least one new pick every single month once you download the “secret $50 stock blueprint”

I’ll show you how to buy them…

When to buy them…

And what price to pay for them.

Everything has been made as easy as possible for you to maximize the profit potential.

And because these stocks are so small and unpredictable, I’ll often recommend a buy-up-to price, so my readers know not to chase these plays.

And let me tell you, the profits from this situation will be “off the hinges.”

To my knowledge, there’s no one else offering this type of service in the market today anywhere in the world.


I’ve made all of this , absolutely free of charge  when you sign up for a risk free trial with DayTrader X Confidential which will include the “secret $50 stock blueprint” completely free of charge.

And I’ve gone one step further…

I’ve detailed each stock recommendation as part of every DayTrader X trial subscription which can be used with your full  access to “secret $50 stock blueprint”

But before we get into the nitty-gritty…

You might be thinking –

“This all seems to be too good to be true… what’s the ‘catch’ on this offer?”

Answer: Congratulations. Skepticism is not only healthy, but it’s also the mark of a smart investor. You should investigate before you jump into anything.

That’s why I give you the entire life of your Trial subscrisubscription to check out this opportunity. I want you to see firsthand — safely — that my “secret $50 stock blueprint” truly works.

Once you’ve studied it and you’re totally confident it works, you can start making money at your own comfortable pace. If you want, you can trade on paper until you get the hang of it…

If you don’t get the results you want, just ask us for a refund of the subscription price.

What could be safer or easier than that?

The only “catch” is that we plan to strictly limit the number of people who get access to this information at one time. This is on a first-come, first-served basis.

If too many people start trading these profitable stocks, it might spoil the profit party for everyone else. And if that happens, we will this close this offer immediately.

So don’t wait… hit the “Subscribe Now” button right now to take advantage of this special offer. and get your free report “secret $50 stock blueprint”.

Remember, hitting this button does not obligate you to anything. You will simply be redirected to another page with additional information about this limited-time offer.


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This is truly a ground-floor opportunity… the kind that can turn pocket change into an incredible fortune consistently.

All the details…

The company names…

The ticker symbols…

How to buy… when to buy… and what price to pay…

Everything you need to potentially make a fortune in the Stock Market is included in your free report, $50 Stock Blueprint that is available when you subscribe to DayTrader X risk free trial.

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Tim Harrison

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Biggest Percentage Gains in the Markets

Alchemy Creative Inc


Oak River Technologies LLC


Garb Oil & Power Corp.


Electric Car Company, Inc.


Rainbow Coral Corp.


China GengSheng Minerals, Inc.


Cybergy Holdings Inc.


Iron South Mining Corp.


As you can see, there were eight different penny stocks that rocketed up over 1,000% in just the past 24 hours.

Eight different chances to change your life…

Eight different chances to grow rich…

In just a single day!

Now compare that to the biggest gainers from much bigger stocks.

Stock Market’s Biggest Gains

VirnetX Holding Corp.


Five Star Quality Care


ITUS Corporation


Nova Lifestyle, Inc.


Winnebago Industries, Inc.


Dynavax Technologies Corp.


Payment Data Systems, Inc.




Altisource Asset Management


Concordia International Corp.


The biggest gains for the larger, “blue chip” companies was 34.79%.

The biggest percentage gain from penny stocks was an incredible 19,900%.

It’s not even close.

And that was just from today’s data.

It’s the same scenario day after day.

Here’s the bottom line:

Penny stocks are the last legal way for the little guy to grow rich… starting with just a few dollars in your pocket.

Now, as good as that is…

There IS one problem…

It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact moment to invest in penny stocks.

But that’s what makes today’s situation with the current market so exciting!

It’s all happening right now!

Last year, we saw the eruption of crypto-mining companies. Minting thousands of new millionaires, overnight!

And later this year… The SEC will sanction the creation of the Bitcoin ETF.

This will give the average person the ability to invest in Crypto-currency without having to worry about the challenges of buying, storing and safekeeping.

Busting the doors wide open on a $700 billion business!

It’s Black Swan events like this that give specific penny stocks the potential for an incredible

If history is any guide, this is just the beginning.

How can I be so sure?

Well, just look at what happened back in 2014 during the initial legalization of Marijuana.

When an almost identical situation took place.

Dozens and dozens Pot penny stocks simply exploded like gangbusters after Colorado passed similar legislation.

9,108% Gains in Just
Three Months with a
Tiny Penny Stock

Now, you’ve probably never heard of a company called Abattis Bioceuticals Corp…

Back before January 1, 2014, practically no one had.

They were an obscure Biotech stock – trading for just 2.5 cents per share…

But immediately following full legalization in Colorado, share prices took off.

Within the first week, prices more than doubled…

Within the first month… they were up over 379%.

Within two months — by the end of February — share prices had surged 1,358%.

And by the tail end of March — not even a full 3 months later — share prices got higher than Cheech and Chong at Woodstock…

And… topped at a massive gain of 9,108%.

By comparison, it took Apple (one of the greatest stock success stories of the 21st Century) over 15 YEARS to produce those kinds of returns…

But Abattis Bioceuticals was able to do it in less than three months…

That’s the power of penny stocks.

And here’s the thing…

This didn’t happen just once or twice… or even three times…

There were literally dozens more opportunities just like Abattis Bioceuticals…

Take Fusion Pharm, Inc., for example…

Again, this company was completely off most people’s radar… they were trading for just over 38 cents per share on September 1st, 2014.

But immediately following Colorado’s historic shift in Pot legalization, share prices exploded.

Within one month, the stock hit a gain of 1,678%.

But it wasn’t done…

By March 11th, just over two months later, it hit a total gain of 2,268%.

Or take a company called Novus Acquisition and Development Corp… their stock price exploded for a 3,540% gain from early January through late March…

There were dozens…

  • LXRP jumped 1,120%
  • EAPH jumped 4,631%
  • ERBB jumped 3,327%
  • CBGI jumped 5,100%

So let me put that into perspective for you…

Just a single $1 bill invested in CBGI before its move…

Turned into $51.

Not bad, right?

But a $5 bill would have turned into $255…

A $50 bill into $2,550…

And $500 would have turned into more than $25,000.

That’s just with one penny stock play!

A single move would have made you rich.

Again, these rare lightning-fast gains were incredible.

Can I promise that you’re going to book these whopping gains in as little time? Of course not, no-one can promise anything in the investment world.

But the point remains:

Penny stocks are the best ways to get rich in the stock market…

And now that the US markets are beginning to accept the Crypto-currency revolution, similar publicly traded “penny stocks” should skyrocket in price.

To make the most money possible, you need to get in BEFORE September 1st

So how much money can you make by investing just $50 in these penny stocks?

And why isn’t everyone else doing this?

Allow me to show you…

Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This?

If penny stocks are so great, you’d expect everyone to harness their amazing profit building potential and get rich.

Especially for the chance to turn $50 into more than $2.7 million (I’ll show you undeniable proof that you could make this much in just a moment!).

But that’s not the case at all!

You see, penny stocks are so small, the “big boys” on Wall Street can’t trade them.

This is because big investment firms can buy up millions of shares at a time…

But if the company they buy into is a penny stock, then share prices fly through the roof with a big order.

This immediately cuts into their potential profits, so a penny stock just isn’t a sensible way to play the market, when you’re a “big boy.”

However, they’re great for the little guy and first time investors.

But because the “big boys” ignore them, the mainstream media typically does too.

This is why most people don’t know much about penny stocks…

But just because penny stocks aren’t mentioned on the news doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with them.

The truth is, its better this way…

Like I said, they’re PROVEN to have outperformed the bigger stocks…

So let’s keep this secret to ourselves.

Now, back to the question of, “How much money can I make investing just $50 with these penny stocks?”

Well, breathe deep… inhale… pay close attention… and I’ll show you…

Real Life Example:
“Secret $50 Penny Stock Blueprint”
Generates $2.7 MILLION

Let me show you just how explosive the upcoming opportunity in stock investing can be when you follow the “Secret $50 Penny Stock Blueprint.”

Step by step, I’ll show you how $50 could have turned into more than $2.7 million.

Yes, this strategy is risky and requires a bit of luck.

I would never recommend it to my readers…

This is simply an “accelerated” example of how potent these penny stocks really can be.

That said…

These penny stock share price explosions actually happened (and have already begun happening again today).

So although it’s highly improbable you’d be this lucky, it’s NOT impossible. That’s important to remember.

All right, here we go…

Penny Stock Blueprint Step #1
$50 Turns Into $1,316 in 10 Months

CV Sciences Inc. (CVSI) is a bio-tech company based out of Nevada.

If you haven’t heard of them before, then you’re not alone.

Remember, the best profit opportunities (especially in penny stocks) are rarely featured on TV or covered by the financial newspapers.

At the start of Pot’s last big run, shares traded for a tiny $1.50.

That’s cheap enough for anyone to buy…

And cheap enough for you to load up on dozens of shares with just $50.

But then it got really exciting…

Word of Colorado’s new legislation to legalize pot began to spread, and shares rocketed!

By the middle of October 2013, a buying frenzy pushed shares of CV Sciences up to $41.

That’s an incredible gain of 2,633% (in just over six months)!

If you bought shares at the very start and held on…

You could have quickly turned a $50 grubstake in CV Sciences into $1,316.

The best part?

Well, truth is there were many other companies like CV Sciences I could have chosen as an example.


That’s a nice start…

But it’s chump change compared to what’s next.

Before we move on, though, let’s suppose you put your original $50 back into your savings account.

Now you have 0% risk.

As in Z-E-R-O risk.

You’re using nothing but “house money,” as we say in the investing world.

So you’re going to roll that $1,266 of pure profit into the next step.

At this point, you really can’t lose!

Penny Stock Blueprint Step #2
Collect $39,879 After 3,150% Mega Gain!

This is an excellent example of how powerful penny stocks can be when the timing is perfect (like what we can expect to start playing out right now!) …

You could have bought HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd (HIVE) for less than 10 cents per share at the start of January 2017…

HIVE – a crypto-mining operation was a complete unknown at the start of 2017.

By November — just over a month later — share prices had risen to over $4.

Now, HIVE didn’t develop a new technology…

There was NO news of a “buyout”.


Just one simple thing pushed those shares higher…

Bitcoin had become
front-page news.
(Again, this is EXACTLY what we are seeing right now!)

This penny stock shot higher by an incredible 3,150%.

And had you invested your $1,266 profit from Step #1, the resulting mega-gain would have put a staggering $39,879 right in your pocket!

Not bad for a handful of “mouse clicks” and a few weeks of “work.”

Compare that with a big stock like Apple.

When they launched the revolutionary iPhone, shares jumped a whopping $21.

That’s impressive… for a huge company.

BUT, before the jump…

Apple shares were already changing hands at $122.

So the biggest breakthrough in cellphone technology — heck, it was the biggest breakthrough in ANY technology — and you would have only bagged a measly 17% gain.

Now look at the HIVE Blockchain Technologies stock again… it jumped a mouthwatering 3,150%…

In just over a month!

Now can you see the power of penny stocks?

And when you have the perfect investment scenario — like with these penny stocks — you’d be hard pressed to find an easier way to get rich quickly.

To summarize…

Your $50 turned into $1,266 in pure profits with Step #1…

And then that $1,266 turned into $39,879 with Step #2…

But we’re still not done.

I promised to show you how to turn $50 into $2.7 million.

And that takes one final step…

Penny Stock Blueprint Step #3
More than $2.7 Million in Just Over One Month!

It’s hard to imagine that you could have become a multimillionaire simply by making just three moves…

But if you had rolled your profits from Step #1 and Step #2 into a Blockchain company called Riot Blockchain Inc (RIOT) that’s exactly what would have happened.

Riot’s primary focus is on the mining of crypto-currencies and trading the proceeds.

And in 2017, business was good.

In fact, by November… In just over one month’s time… share prices soared for a massive gain of 6,833%.

In other words, you’d be a multimillionaire.

Incredible, right?

Just three simple moves…

So easy a fifth grader could have made them…

And all in all…

You’d have just turned a tiny $50 grubstake into more than $2.7 million in around two years’ time.

Remember, this explosion in penny stocks actually happened…

That’s the truth…

Go ahead, look it up for yourself when you’re done reading this message today!

Listen, the bottom line is this…

Although it’s improbable you’d ever ride a profit wave just like this, it’s NOT impossible.

That’s why I’ve given you this example, because I want you to see for yourself the amazing potential of penny stocks.

Now the clock’s ticking…

The next wave of Penny stock wealth is taking place right now!

And remember…

The above examples are stocks that skyrocketed following black swan events…

This time we’re talking about a brand-new $700 billion industry…

And I wouldn’t be shocked to find the rest of the world making a similar move toward full-scale embracement of Crypto-currency.

In fact, the entire Country is becoming a Crypto mecca… and it’s spreading Worldwide

This is huge…

You’ve already seen the proof of what happened to these small penny pot plays after Colorado legalized weed…

So imagine…

What happens when those gains are multiplied one hundred times over?!

As research firm ALG Financial put it, “The second revolution in the Bitcoin market is here… there is hardly anyone on Wall Street who doesn’t see the huge potential windfalls that are on their way.”

John Ingold at The Denver Post reported that one business mogul in the markets believes the Bitcoin industry could “mint multiple billionaires…”

ArcView — a data and analytical research firm — is touting that we’re about to witness the true birth of “the next great American industry.”

And Forbes contributor Mark Fidelman adds that it “will make investors extremely wealthy.”

“An Economic BOOM That Has Never Been Seen Before”

—TV Host, A. Zendehnam

Look, this could be your best chance at penny stock profits…