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With A Rise In Cyber Terrorism, American’s Are Turning To A Better Solution To Protect Themselves, Their Identity and Their Computer Devices. SECOND

Now the number 1 solution in (United States) – Military security devices given away to public.

With the rise of cyber terrorism, ID theft and endless malware to contend with, US are searching for better ways to protect themselves and their families against computer crime.
The solution? A small protection device that has taken the world by storm. This is becoming such a popular tool in the wake of recent cyber terror events that a company called SecuritySuite can’t keep up with demand.
They have sold over 1 million of these already and the momentum keeps growing. “We had to open up a 4th office just to keep up with the massive amounts of orders coming in.”
ScanGuard™, SecuritySuites flagship brand is currently the most popular protection against Internet Security & Virus prevention and the number 1 choice for most United States due to it’s 100x more powerful algorithm that completely eliminates any threats before they become harmful.
It will also completely protect you and your family against ID fraud, banking and public network browsing. The results are truly like no other ever seen.
You don’t need any computer experience to use it and it only takes 3 mins to set up.
Many users are saying that their computer is running faster and more efficient than the day it was new immediately after using the tool. As one person said its like a fully fledged army protecting your computer 24/7. No cyber terrorists can get near you, your family of their devices.

Here’s what you need to know:

More and more people are using ScanGuard instead of spending $150/hour for PC repair or $1,000 for a new machine, or even worse if they have have suffered with ID theft. prevention is always much better than cure. Build a layer of protection for you and your family before you are attacked.

The Lead Developer on the project, John Gruchy explains. Last year, we launched our program and the response has been truly overwhelming. We now protect over 1 million computers. Our main goal was pretty simple. We wanted to save people money by not having to buy expensive new equipment or call PC repair companies whilst Protecting every users computer for life.

The full protection suite By ScanGuard™ seems to deliver on this perfectly and people love how simple and effective it is to use. It works first time, every time and fixes a very common threat to millions of people every day.
One user we spoke to said; “I had my card details stolen twice and I had no idea how it kept happening. A friend recommended ScanGuard™ to check my computer for spyware. It found 13 threats which it removed. Been fine ever since. its also so much faster all of the time. I cant believe the difference.
Our recommendation – Even if you don’t think your computer is at risk now get ScanGuard™ while its still only $19.99.

Less than $20 will protect yourself, family and all devices against cyber terrorism and viruses for life. Simply run the initial scanner and see for yourself. As part of this special promotion they will also provide a 100% certified, no questions asked, money back guarantee. So if you are not completely satisfied your money will be immediately returned.

There is however one drawback, we are only authorized to give this promotion away until it ends on .